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How Origami by PDC Revolutionizes Drywall Assemblies

For hundreds of years, the art of origami has allowed us to express ourselves by turning only a few sheets of paper into an intricate and beautiful design, like a colorful crane or a pointed star. But origami teaches us more than just how to communicate through crafts—it can also serve as inspiration that helps us open our imaginations and find unique and novel ways to beautify and simplify our everyday life. At PDC, we expanded upon the art of paper folding and embraced the origami method, which enhances how we make and install drywall and gives our customers unmatched design flexibility at competitive prices. Here’s how it revolutionizes drywall assemblies.

What is Our Origami Method?

This custom drywall solution makes even the most difficult designs come to life. We use a combination of gypsum, wood, plastic and cement board to create perfect corners, intricate shapes and complex curves for our clients’ projects.

The origami method works like this: drywall profiles are prefabricated in our shop by masters of this craft, which reduces on-site installation time and improves the overall appearance of the finished product as corners and other profiles are installed in one piece.

Our team can easily and accurately duplicate multiple cuts, make finished returns and perfect corners at any angle, not just 90 degrees. Origami enables us to complete even the most challenging assemblies efficiently and with less on-site finishing, which saves our clients both time and money.

Origami is also an extremely durable drywall solution—while corners can still dent, the damage is much less severe, and repairs are easier. You no longer have to call in a professional to repair a corner; with origami, one of your maintenance workers can patch it with joint compound.

Imagine What We Can Do for You

The possibilities for what origami can bring to your next construction project are near limitless. Reach out to us today and let’s get started on bringing your design ideas to life.

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